Bundy & Scadin Photographs Sorted by Title
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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
2005.48.80 Print, Photographic Central House, 1883 Central House Bundy, John   1883
2005.18.2.5 Print, Photographic Glen Falls Scadin, R. Henry    
2005.18.1.8 Print, Photographic Highlands Falls in 1898 Scadin, R. Henry   1898
2005.18.1.2 Print, Photographic Highlands from Sunset Rocks Scadin, R. Henry    
2005.48.15 Print, Photographic Lower Sugar Fork Falls, 1898 Scadin, R. Henry   1898
2005.48.3 Print, Photographic Main Street Highlands, 1884 Bundy, John   1884
2005.48.12 Print, Photographic Main Street Highlands, 1910 Scadin, R. Henry   1910
2005.48.43 Print, Photographic Mill Creek Bridge looking south toward Satulah, 1912 Scadin, R. Henry   1912
2005.18.2.2 Print, Photographic Whiteside Mountain from the Bowery Scadin, R. Henry    

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